T.O.p Dogs – Meet Max

The one thing that I do, that I’ve always done, is that I usually stop and chat with people on the street that have dogs. I can’t help myself, never could. Ever since I was a little girl I used to stop and pet dogs all the time wishing I had one. No I didn’t grow up with a dog but that’s a story for another time. Every so often I would see a dog on the street or tied up outside of a store waiting for their human and I would pull out my iPhone and take a picture because…well they are so darn cute. Anyway this idea for a project has been percolating for a while now…why not take candids of dogs that I randomly meet on the streets of Toronto. So whether I have my iPhone with me or my DSLR I’ll be on the lookout for some of the cutest furry faces Toronto has to offer.

So today I introduce to you… T.O.p Dogs.

Meet Max the Siberian Husky.

TO Dogs, Toronto Dogs, Siberian Husky, Phodography by Edith Levy