Behind The Lens

PhoDOGraphy by Edith Levy, Cavalier King Charles SpanielWelcome to PhoDOGraphy By Edith Levy. Since you’ve landed on this page you probably want to know a little bit about the woman behind the lens.

I suppose that after years as a photographer, shooting travel destinations, landscapes and people, it’s natural that my love for animals would lead to pet photography. To me, capturing images of dogs (or cats or horses…well you get the picture) is pure joy. As a dog owner, I know that when I photograph my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Brady (that’s him on the left) and capture that soulful look in his eyes or the mischievous look that says “I have the ball and you can’t get it away from me”, I’ve frozen a moment in time that I can look back on forever.

While Edith Levy Photography captures unique places & people it’s the personal nature of interacting with my clients (and their humans) that inspired me to start PhoDOGraphy by Edith. To me, it’s all about the relationship that I develop with my furry clients and their owners, it’s about photographing them in an environment that they love, where their personalities will really shine through and lastly it’s creating a body of work of your best friend that will speak to you far into the future.

8 Comments on “Behind The Lens

  1. Congratulations for this amazing new blog. You can guess how much I loved this idea 🙂 Good Luck dear Edith Levy. And how nice to meet with you once again, and to see your photograph and your lovely little friend… You are both amazing, Blessing you both. Thank you, and be sure, this blog will be one of my favorite one, because You are behind the lens 🙂 Love, nia

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