Two Young Men, A Cavalier & A Sneaky Photographer

As a photographer there’s always so much to do. There never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything I want to accomplish. As I’ve been doing more and more studio sessions I’ve been determined to actually photographer my own boys. The problem was their schedule was harder to work around than mine.

Perseverance does pay off though and I even managed to sneak into one shot (thank you to my wonderful husband for taking that one 🙂 )

Click on the images to see a larger version.

9 Comments on “Two Young Men, A Cavalier & A Sneaky Photographer

  1. What wonderful pictures Edith :). Your boys are very handsome, and the smile on your face in the “sneaky” shot shows your love for them. We have never had a proper family photo done, and I keep telling myself I’m going to arrange one, but it is so hard to get everyone together. I need to try harder!

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  3. Sorry to read about your loss. Some people under estimate the importance of our furry friends but the death of one of them cuts very, very deep. RIP Brady.

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