Introducing Finn

I’m embarrassed to admit how long its been since I’ve blogged on this site. No excuses…life has just been busy.
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 In February we lost our beloved Cavalier
King Charles Spaniel, Brady. His passing was very traumatic for me and my family and we were heartbroken. Brady was a very special dog and will live in our memories forever. Even though the house was very quiet without the pitter patter of four paws, I needed time to mourn before making the decision to get another dog.

I’m please to say that at the end of August we brought home a 7 week bundle of joy named Finnegan…Finn for short. Finn is a Mini GoldenDoodle and an absolute sweetheart. It didn’t take long for this little fur ball to become a member of the Levy family.

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You forget rather quickly how much work a puppy is but the time and effort you put into training is paid back ten-fold. As you can see, even at 9 weeks old he was a willing model.