Paws in the Park

Last week I had the pleasure and privilege to participate in Paws in the Park  benefitting the Toronto Humane Society.paws in the park, Toronto Humane Society, charity, shelter, pet photography

I was one of the vendors exhibiting at the event and had lots of fun meeting all the great furry participants and their humans. All proceeds from the event went to help the animals at the humane society and I was pleased to be able to do my part in helping these loveable souls.

Here are a few shots that I took throughout the day.




T.O.p Dogs – Digger the Briard

T.O.p Dogs! Photographing Loveable Four-Leggers in and around Toronto.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any T.O.p Dog photos as I’ve been away on a much need vacation. I’m back now form a wonderful trip to Paris and Italy that involved a lot of sightseeing, eating, relaxing and of course photography. I did meet some loveable four-leggers in Europe and I will post some of this images in the near future but first I want to share this loveable fuzzball that I met in Trinity Bellwoods Park this past weekend.

Meet Digger the Briard. In talking to Digger’s Mom she mentioned that George Lucas owned a Briard and Chewbacca was actually created while keeping the features of this breed in mind. Yup I can see that. handsome boy isn’t he?

Dog, Briard, French, Top Dogs, Toronto Pet Photographer, Pet Photography, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto Dogs

Beautiful Animals Ready for Adoption at Toronto Animal Services

I was back at Toronto Animal Services – West Region last weekend to photograph all the new animals that found their way there. Beautiful dogs and cats looking for nothing more than a loving home to call their own.

Some were surrendered because their owners couldn’t take care of them any longer, some were strays but I can tell you that all were very sweet and playful. I am happy to report that Anna, Henry and one of the kittens have been adopted. You can hover over the image to see their names and please share this post and help these beautiful animals find their forever homes.


Beach Baby!

I just returned from a trip to Israel where I indulged in my other photographic passion…travel and landscape. Of course I can’t travel very far without making a few 4-legged friends.

This 5 month old darling is Juk and I met him at the beach where he was enjoying some downtime with his family.

israel, beach, pet photography, Toronto Pet Photographer, dog, Mastiff


Israel, beach, pet photography, Toronto Pet Photographer, dog, Mastiff

Israel, beach, pet photography, Toronto Pet Photographer, dog, Mastiff

israel, beach, pet photography, Toronto Pet Photographer, dog, Mastiff


T.O.p Dogs – Tank

T.O.p Dogs! Photographing Loveable Four-Leggers in and around Toronto.

My husband and I took Brady to the off-leash park on the weekend and Brady had a wonderful time making some new friends. I, of course was having a wonderful time photographing him and some of the other dogs in the park. I was crouched down taking pictures when all of a sudden this very friendly English Bulldog came right up  to me, sniffed my camera and then proceeded to knock me over and lick my face. These are the hazards of the job 🙂 I learned a little later that his name was Tank and after a polite conversation and agreement from his owner I started taking pictures of Tank. Doesn’t he make a terrific T.O.p Dog?

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T.O.p Dogs, Toronto dogs, English Bulldog, Toronto pet photographer, pet photography,


T.O.p Dogs, Toronto dogs, English Bulldog, Toronto pet photographer, pet photography,

Choosing A Location For Your Session

Once you’ve booked you’re photography session you’re most important decision is where you’re going to have your pictures taken. Choosing the location will determine the look and feel of the final product. This is where your photographer comes. I normally scout out possible locations for photo shoots searching for interesting backgrounds, colors and the quality of natural light.

Toronto is such a photogenic city and whether you’re right in the city or in the Greater Toronto Area there are a multitude of areas that are perfect for photographing your pet. Whether it’s at the beach, a favourite park, a funky downtown location or your home, we can choose a location that matches your style and your pets personality.


The best time of day to shoot outdoors is early morning or late afternoon. The quality of light at these times of the day is soft and beautiful and will enhance the look of the overall image. Timing is also important because depending on the location that you ultimately choose crowds may be an issue. Let’s say, for example, that you want to get your dog frolicking on the beach. Getting out early in the morning will not only give us a better light to work with but we won’t be dealing with any crowds. On the other hand a late afternoon/sunset shoot will provide a beautiful warm glow and by that time any crowds will be thinning out.

The Location

When trying to determine the location itself start with your pets personality. Where are they the most comfortable? If you’ve never taken them to the beach then this might not be the ideal location. Animals are like people and if they’re scared or uncomfortable in their surroundings then we won’t come away with the images that you’ve envisioned. If your four-legger loves to run in the park then this might be the ideal spot.

When booking your session I will always set up a pre-consultation meeting so that I can meet your pet and they can in turn get comfortable with me. One of the things we’ll talk about at this meeting is location. I have many suggestions for locations in and around the city or if you have a preferred location this is the time to discuss it.

Safety First

Your pets safety is of paramount importance and will always come first. When we shoot in wide open spaces or in the city your pet will always be on a leash. Once you’ve selected the final images I remove the leash and clean up any other imperfects in post-processing. Brady was on leash the whole time we were shooting even though he was sitting right next to his Dad.

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If you’d like to schedule a session or if you simply have any questions please contact me.